How to prepare for Amazon AWS Solution Architect Associate 2020 (SAA-C02)?

I was searching for the same answers last year. I passed my AWS Solution Architect Associate on 31st January 2020.

I had similar questions in my mind about exam preparation. Does experience is required? How much time I should give for preparation before taking the exam? Which content or resources I should refer to? What is the difficulty level of exam questions?

Let’s go through each question one by one…

Experience: If you have experience with AWS then it’s good because it saves your time in understanding the AWS Terminology, concepts and infrastructure. I have experience of AWS so it helped me to cover all the topics in less time. But you don’t need to worry if you do not have any hands-on experience with AWS. You can still prepare for the certification and give the exam just it will take some time to go through each AWS cloud concept. So Experience is not an issue.

Time: For AWS experienced people 1 Month time is more than enough for preparation with your daily working schedule. You can give one or two hours in weekdays and the maximum possible time on weekends. And if you don’t have experience on AWS then I would say give 2 Months, the First month try to take the hands-on experience of AWS console practice some labs through tutorials. Go through all sections & services of the console. Once that is done give Next 30 days (80 Hours) for preparation. We’re done with the Time.

Resources: This is very important. I started with AcloudGuru AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2020 course on Udemy which was around 13 hours of course But then I switched to Stephane Maarek’s Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2020 on Udemy. Which is the best course available on the internet, There are few reasons why it is the best course, First Stephane has covered a lot of things in the course with around 20 hours of videos with AWS labs. The second course has beautiful 500 slides which you can download and use for preparations, that helps a lot in last moments. Go through those 20 Hours videos once then read those 500 slides at least twice.

Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2020 — Stephane Maarek

Next thing is to go through AWS FAQs of each section. That covers almost everything and helps to revise the key points. And if you get time read whitepapers, they are not that important for Associate-level exam. Just remember the strategies for High Availability, Disaster Recovery And Cost Optimizations.

Next is very very important. That is “Practice Exams”. Once you completed your Stephane Maarek’s Udemy Course take first practise exam from the course’s last sections. the course comes with two practice exams. That first Practice Test result will help you to understand where you stand with preparation, you might get a low percentage but that is fine. Review your mistakes from the test and prepare those points again. Go through all slides 2–3 times and give the second practice test. This process will help to improve your knowledge, score, confidence. You will require 72% to pass the final exam.

Then register with Whizlab for more Practice Exams. They provide small tests on each section with 8 Practice Exams. Try to complete all the practice exams with 85–90% score.
Review your mistakes and prepare those sections again. This process will give you a good knowledge about the difficulty level of questions and helps you to understand scenario-based questions. Always read the question carefully. I did so many mistakes in my first practice exam, It helped me a lot to understand and focus on the key areas of the questions.

WHIZLABS — AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C01) — Practice Exams

You get 120 mins for 65 questions in Final AWS exams, which is more than enough time to read the question twice and answer. I completed my final exam in 90 mins.

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Hope this helps you.
Best of luck!